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Carl Goodnight
This new site is just what the industry needs. A way to get your messages seen without winding up in the spam folder, where most messages simply get deleted. You need an edge because... people get so many emails to their mailbox that most of them simply get deleted without ever being read.

When you use a subject line that stands out from the crowd that piques peoples’ interest, you will get a constant barrage of signups that you never thought possible.

More Visitors Now solves this age-old problem.

Carl Goodnight

Tony Mathews
I just upgraded to More Visitors Now using the special upgrade link. More Visitors Now! is a great new site and I love it. I love the way email and ads show up at all your other sites!

Tony Mathews
Paula Frye
Phil and Jane, I am thrilled with More Visitors Now! I love the headline mailer and how easy it is to use. I highly recommend More Visitors Now to everyone. Not only will your emails be seen more, but... you will get daily traffic to your websites.

And the downline builder is the best one I've seen yet! -- A great way to make extra, passive commissions!

Paula Frye
Mike G.
Jane Mark and Phil Basten know what they are doing when it comes to online mailers. They have been developing them for the past 19 years. I know good mailers when I see them and their latest one called Headline Mail tops them all.

It actually writes killer subject lines for you and the best part is every subject lines, and there are more than 120 of them, has been tested and scores 91 or higher and that means your emails will get delivered to people's inboxes. I love this part.

You can join free and get traffic to your site or you can upgrade and get your hands on the Headline Mailer. I haven't seen another mailer as powerful as this one.

This is a really clever site that goes to work for you the minute you join it.

More Visitors Now gets my 10 *star* recommendation.

AngeM -Marie Foulex
I'm really happy to have joined "More Visitors Now" a new program by Jane Mark & Phil Basten.

MVN is the solution for your email marketing, a mailer that writes the subject lines for you...WoW. So your mails will not land in the spambox of your prospects anymore.

I highly recommend MVN. Satisfaction Guaranteed

AngeM -Marie Foulex

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