Frequently Asked Questions

What is morevisitorsnow?

More Visitors Now is a way for Businesses to get Noticed on the net in a unique way. It has 2 main parts: a mailer called Headline Mail that writes the subject lines for you and a new way to get a lot of traffic to your site called Crazy Climber. This site is perfect for newbies just starting out as well as seasoned marketers.

Can I Join Free?

Yes Moe visitors Now has a free to join option. Free Members can add their link to the site, play the Crazy Climate traffic game and earn 10% commissions on sale. Free members also get to add 2 text ads and 1 banner ad to the More Visitors Now Traffic System

What are the Paid Memberships?

There are 2 paid memberships Pro and Premium (Founder). When you sign up read the one time offers carefully. You will save money by upgrading as you sign up.

What Does a Pro Member Get?

Pro members get to use the Headline Mailer and they get to put up 5 links at the site. They get 5 time the exposure and traffic to their sites. They earn 25% commission on sales. They get to play the crazy climber game and win between 500 and 2500 points every time they play. They get to put up 3 125 by 125 banner ads and 2 text ads which rotate on the site for life and bring you a life time of traffic.

What Does a Premium Member Get?

A Premium member is our founding membership. Premium members gets to use the Headline Mailer plus they get to insert subject lines that are written for them into their email. They get to add 10 links to the site and get to 10 times the traffic to their links. They get to play the Crazy Climber Game and earn between 2500 and 5000 points every time they play. Premium Members can add 2 250 by 250 banner ads to the traffic system plus 6 125 by 125 banner ads and 10 text ads. Premium members earn 40% commissions on all sales.

Who Owns More Visitors Now?

Jane Mark and Phil Basten own MVN. They have been developing advertising sites for online business for the past 19 years. They can change the way your story ends. Read about Jane and Phil here

Does More Visitors Now Have a Mailer?

You bet it does. It is called Headline mail and it writes your subject lines for you if you are a Premium (Founder) member of the site. These subject lines sit right next to the actual mailer and you can choose one from different category and it pops right into your subject line. You can send it as is or edit it right there to suit your site. This is really nifty feature of the Headline Mailer.

What are Email Swipes?

Email Swipes are Subject Lines that have been checked for Spam Content or Spam Triggers. We have given these subject lines that we have checked to our Premium members as part of their membership. They all have a score of 91 or higher which means they will get into inboxes. This involved months of work and research and we are giving this to you with the mailer if you join at the premium level.

Can I buy Email Swipes to use them with Other Mailer?

Yes you can . We have an ebook called Email Swipes which you can purchase as you sign up
to More Visitors Now or in the Members area of the site on the upgrade page.

How Often Can I Use the Headline Mailer

Pro members can use the mailer every 4 days. Premium (Founder members) can use the mailer every 2 days. Pro members do not have free access to the subject lines that can be automatically entered into the mailer.

What is Crazy Climber?

Crazy Climber is a way to get your own sites seen over and over again at the MVN site.
You get to add your links to the MVN site. Free Members can add 1 link. Pro Members Can Mail 5 links and Premium (Founder Members) can add 10 links. These links show on the main sales page of the site and on all affiliate links and on various pages throughout the site. Crazy Climber is a way to get a huge amount of traffic to your site.

How Does Crazy Climber Work?

Every member gets points when they sign up to MVN. They can earn points by reading email or clicking on Clicking client links. Depending on their membership level they earn between 50 and 5000 points every time they click on a link. These point can be use to move any or all of your links onto the front page of More Visitors Now. You can watch how that works in the training area of the site and there are instructions in the crazy climber section of the members area.

Do I Get Jackpot Point when I earn Credits at the site?

Yes. You can earn large number of points between 50 and 25,000 points in our jackpots when you play Crazy Climber. You won't know when they pop up but they will pop up when you least expect it and that will help you move and keep your own links on the First Page of the site.

Do I Get Free Points when I sign up?

Yes you get between 10,000 to 100,000 free ad points depending on who you sign up under.
If you sign up under a free member, you get 10,000 points to get started with. (Value $50.00) If you sign up under a pro member, you get 50,000 points. (Value $250.00) . If you sign up under a premium member, you get 100,000 points when you sign up. (Value $500.00).

Is More Visitor Now a List Builder/

Yes. MVN is a List Builder. Everyone who join gets to give away free points to their downlines when they sign up and this helps build a list fast for you.

Can I Email my downline at More Visitors Now?

Yes all members can use a mail daily downline mailer so grab your affiliate link and get people signed up under you.

How Much Does It Cost To Join More Visitors Now?

You can join free but if you want to upgrade the costs are as follows:
Pro members pay 197.00 per year or 297.00 one time. Premium Members pay 497.00 one time . Premium members can break the one time payment into 2 payments of 275.00 each.

Do You offer Any Discounts On Your upgrades?

We do offer a discount on our Premium level upgrade. Please review the one time offer for the Premium membership as you sign up. You will pay more for it the members area.

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